Gabriella Piccatto

The illustrator and painter Gabriella Piccatto, obtained her degree at Accademia delle Belle Arti of Turin. She drew a series of comics for Corriere dei Piccoli, illustrated classic fables for the publisher Malipiero, and books for De Agostini and Fabbri Editori. She collaborates with advertising agencies as a visualizer. She also created trompe l'oeil and oil paints in public and private spaces, holding exibitions in Turin and Milan.

This collection of images came from all those sweet and unexpected fragments the life sometimes offers. I am interested in the genre of carnet for its narrative characteristics, being a mix of notes, draw and color. I reproduce the reality and in the meantime describe my internal life while I perceive it, my outcoming memories, my consequent thoughts. This journey was rich of little magic moments: I met some people in their daily walks through Alba, and during the night they became virtuosi, playing music in the most suggestive places of the city with international masters. I felt completely involved in the music and my pencil run on the sheets trying to fix volatile sounds with permanent colors. There are vibrations that only music can generate and only paint can transform into emotions. I want to capture the intensity of the moments that contain a universe: this is what I try to do with my art.



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