Bruno Murialdo

Photographer, works as a free lance for numerous national and international newspaper. His personal collection of pictures is one of the richest historical archives from ‘70s to ‘90s: it includes Latin America (in particular, Cuba, Argentina and Chile), USA, Russia and several European countries. Bruno’s photos describes Langhe area and its metamorphosis from the Seventies to the present. He realized reportages about writers and film makers like Nuto Revelli and Mario Rigoni Stern, and working with Sandro Bolchi (in its earlier TV series), Mario Soldati (I racconti del maresciallo) and more recently with the conductor Joseph Tito. Bruno Murialdo has collaborated with the newspaper La Stampa for three decades and the German agency Ropi. He published 18 books, some of them dedicated to Langhe, his chosen land.



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