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Voices&Wine - Alba 2022

from April 18th to 23rd, 2022

We proudly host and warmely welcome this new musical project by Interkultur.
Alba Music Festival, in its 16 years of activity, has always promoted music – with its interdisciplinary nature and its power to connect people to the beauty of culture – as a suitable instrument for the evolution of our contemporary society.
In this sense we have created cultural relationships worldwide (US, Asia and Europe), generating important musical and human experiences and developing a firm frienship with audience, the City of Alba and the extraordinary Langhe-Roero land.
Voices&Wine, a new entry in our artistic activities, exalts the most genuine musical instrument, that all of us bring inside: the human voice.
The intense concert program Voices&Wine will combine the vocal art with another great human expression: the Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont, appointed UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. This beautiful natural stage will frame our international vocal meetings.
I am sure that Alba and its area will entusiastically welcome Voices&Wine, because it creates new occasions to connect people through music, as well as it celebrates the history of the Albese community through its tradition of winemaking.
Giuseppe Nova
Artistic Director
Alba Music Festival

Interkultur: a “global player” of choral music
The organization of Interkultur – the greatest organization for choral music in the world –is born by the idea of bringing together people of all countries, cultures and world views in peaceful competitions.

Right from the beginning Günter Titsch was convinced of the power of his idea to create "bridges of encounters". All people involved share the same enthusiasm for choral music. It resolves prejudices, opens eyes and hearts for friendships and lays the groundwork for a vibrant and peaceful togetherness that outreaches music. Within a short period of time, this philosophy has made Interkultur an international top address for major musical events in the choral community.
Today Interkultur organizes every year up to 14 international choir competitions and festivals around the globe.
Among its members the organization counts leading personalities from culture, politics and business, as well as choirs and orchestras, clubs and cultural organizations: the "World Choir Council", a kind of United Nations of choral singing, is made up of renowned choral experts from 80 countries. They represent Interkultur’s musical network with app. 120,000 choirs with 4.8 million singers. The organization has offices and representatives in numerous countries and is supported by ministries of culture, municipal authorities and countless organizations.
In its European mission, Interkultur chooses Langhe-Roero area for a new project, Voices&Wine, and Alba Music Festival to develop it. Voices&Wine will take place on Spring 2021, 2022 and 2023 with one-week concert programs.



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